Sunday, September 11, 2011

Luthea Salom - Blank Piece Of Paper on a boat

Luthea performs "Blank Piece Of Paper" for a Spanish TV show to be broadcast after the summer (Barcelona, Sept. 2011)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Tomorrow

Official video for song "Tomorrow". filmed and directed by Ron Haviv in NY, USA (June 2011). music and lyrics written by Luthea Salom.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Ice Cream On Sun Kissed Lips Unloved [Cadena Ser]

Luthea talks and performs "Ice Cream On Sun Kissed Lips Unloved" on cadena ser (Zaragoza, July 2011)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Tomorrow [Live on Com Radio]

Luthea talks and performs "Tomorrow" at COM radio program "L'altra cara de la lluna" with nando caballero. (Barcelona, July 2011)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Tomorrow [Live]

Luthea performs "Tomorrow" with her band at the sold out show at jamboree (Barcelona, July 2011)

• Luthea Salom - vocals, guitars, ukulele
• Larry Magrinyá - keys, guitars, bass, melodica, percussion, backing vocals, kazoo, etc etc
• Stephen Hund - percussion, guitars, melodica, xylophone, backing vocals, kazoo, etc etc

Music and lyrics written by luthea salom.

Luthea Salom ~ Interesting interview!

Interview on TV program "Musica Moderna" with Albert Puig (BTV, may 2011)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Blank Piece Of Paper
English and Spanish subtitles

"Blank Piece Of Paper" live and interview at mobile unit for COM radio - program extrarradi (February 2011). Music and lyrics written by Luthea Salom

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Luthea Salom ~ Be Me (Teatro de la Estación)

Luthea performs in the Teatro de la Estación (Zaragoza, Spain) an intimate and energetic solo show. Filmed by Frank Andrada. Dress by Lara Martí.

Luthea Salom ~ Take A Picture

Official video for the song "Take A Picture". Filmed and directed by Ron Haviv in NJ, USA (February 2011). Music and lyrics written by Luthea Salom.

Luthea Salom ~ Kick In The Head

Luthea Salom ~ Accidents

Luthea Salom ~ La Jungla Sonora on EITB

Performance for La Jungla Sonora broadcast on EITB (February 2011). Music and lyrics written by Luthea Salom.

Luthea Salom ~ Spanish Tour 2010/2011

A collection of live performances & radio/TV shows throughout Spain in 2010/2011. All music & lyrics by Luthea Salom. Luthea on vocals, spanish guitar, acoustic guitar and ukulele. Jodelle on keys, accordion, melodica, glockenspiel, percussion and backing vocals. Filmed by Frank Andrada, Luthea Salom, Jodelle, Victoria Gudiol and Montse Bollo.
© luthea salom 2011. all rights reserved.

Luthea Salom ~ Happy (Club 41º N, Barcelona)

Luthea presents her new CD "Kick In The Head" at the prestigious Club 41º N in Barcelona, on February 2011. Jodelle accompanies her on accordion and backing vocals. Filmed by Victoria Gudiol. © Luthea Salom 2011. All rights reserved.

Luthea Salom ~ Dragonfly

A clip of dragonfly live in FNAC Barcelona. Jodelle on accordion & backing vocals.

Luthea Salom ~ Blank Piece Of Paper

After being made official endorsee for Ovation guitars Luthea performs her new song "Blank Piece Of Paper" with her new Ovation guitar. Showcase filmed in Barcelona while in the middle of her recording sessions for her upcoming new album. Barcelona, December 2009

Luthea Salom ~ German Tour 2009

Luthea spent April 2009 touring Germany... This is a small documentary of her road adventures and performances....

Luthea Salom ~ SO (Live in NY)

Glenn Alan Weber sits in with Luthea for an intimate performance of Luthea's new song.

Luthea Salom ~ Studio: Week 4

Filmed by Luthea mostly in Vapor Studio - December 2009

Luthea Salom ~ Studio: Week 9

Uploaded by Luthea on Jan 25, 2010

Luthea goes back to NY where she gets together with Jodelle. Watch Jodelle record her backing vocals... and meet the team! last video of the recording sessions for Luthea's new CD:
"Kick In The Head".... due out in spring 2010.
Recorded in Vapor Studio, Barcelona
Filmed in Vapor Studio + New Jersey, USA

Luthea Salom - Dragonfly (November 16, 2010 Live in Berlin)

Luthea Salom ~ SO (Live in Cologne 2010)

Luthea Salom ~ Goodbye

Luthea Salom ~ Rebel Rebel ( Bowie Version)